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  • If you are thinking of cutting down a tree, moving beach property, or otherwise changing common areas, please remember that we all share these areas and you'll need to get permission from the Board of Directors. 

  • To maintain the common areas, we assess all homeowners annual dues of $100 to cover the cost of 22 street lights and other maintenance-related costs. The dues, which are collected in mid-May, are essential to the safety and security of the Association. 

  • In-kind donations are very important to the Association. Dues are kept low because generous residents pitch in and perform important jobs, such as repairing Association property, mowing common areas, managing Association business, or installing the piers.  We urge all homeowners to pay their dues on time and volunteer for tasks throughout the year. Please contact the Grounds Superintendent or Board of Directors to volunteer. 

  • Residents are kept abreast of activities through a newsletter which is distributed periodically. We invite all homeowners to become involved in their community by helping with the newsletter, serving as area representatives, or participating the Community Watch program. 

  • Most homes in the Association use well water and septic systems. Should the current septic system prove inadequate, arrangements have been made to switch to the more expensive conservancy program used by area homeowners. 

  • Waste Disposal can be arranged by individual homeowners through: Waste Management, Able Disposal, or Lakeshore Recycling & Disposal. 

  • Recycled material is picked up every other Thursday, the price of which is included in your property taxes. To enroll in the recycling program, call the La Porte Solid Waste District and request a blue recycling container. Please do not dump any refuse on any common area. 

  • A limited number of boat slips are available for residents in good standing (all dues paid and no outstanding rules violations). Please see Boat Slip Rentals for more information. 

  • The public areas including beach, boat docks, ball field, and park land are only for homeowners in good standing (no outstanding dues). Please follow all rules, as posted. 

  • Leaf burning is permitted on your own private property. All fires must be contained within an enclosed space such as a drum or tub. 

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