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Pine Lake Land Owners' Association is a historic retreat of beach, bluff and scenic beauty, conceived by settlers more than 100 years ago. The purpose of this website is to help us appreciate our community, its history, special qualities, and remind us of our obligation as homeowners to pay dues and work together to ensure its continued prosperity. 

No doubt you've seen the construction projects underway on the north side of Pine Lake. As the shoreline becomes more crowded, our wooded areas increasingly stand out as an oasis of tranquility, a piece of greenery that has remained unchanged for a hundred years. The wooded areas and beach access are more than just attractive. They contribute significantly to the value of our homes. 

Pine Lake shareholders are proud of the vision of the original owners that allows them to enjoy living in a unique community. "The people who formed the Association and designed the community had a lot of foresight," said Bill Cook, a former President of the Assembly. "It was designed so every property owner looked out on a piece of green. Subdivisions being built today don't have our land or wonderful views."



Based in part on a Herald Argus article by Sandra Provan, 12/7/1999.  

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